Lincoln Center Out of Doors! Wed!

My amigo Alex Giron suggests a free live concert at the Lincoln Center this Wednesday..


Susana Baca

Aurelio Martinez & Garifuna Soul

Carlos Varela & His Band

Wednesday, August 11 at 6:30 – Damrosch Park Bandshell

He writes:

This Wednesday, Susana Baca, the most famous Peruvian singer will be in NYC giving a free concert (with 2 other dudes).

She has come to the city to present her last album, Mama, which is a homage to her family roots and to Peruvian poetry, specifically to Javier Heraud, a poet who died in the Amazon jungle while trying to replicate the Cuban revolution in my country in the early 1960s (oh you romantic leftists would love to love this story, but hmmmmm, no).

Despite that fact, this guy wrote beautiful poems which will be sung by Baca as well as some other songs composed to him by the most famous composer in Peru (Chabuca Granda). Also she will be playing some Afro-Peruvian classics like these two

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