Summerstage, the XX, and why you should not drink coke before going

Summerstage in Central Park is an awesome free way to enjoy your fave bands …for those willing to line up 4 hours early in hopes of cramming into the stage area.

Otherwise you can be lazy like me and just set up camp right outside the stage and maybe kick back a few beers that a guy is selling out of his back-pack. Also popular were these magical balloons that seemed to be in high demand among the XX crowd. hmm

Magical Balloon (magic now gone)

I spent 2$ total all night. On what you ask? I had an emergency pee-pee attack right before XX was coming on. A bicycle rick-shaw guy saw the panic on my face and offered to shuttle me to a bathroom halfway across Central Park…I offer him 2$. The bathroom, turns out, is closed. I run back towards Summer Stage…and on the way spot a nice looking bush…I crouch into its shadow, just to hear the XX starting its famous “Crystalised” .. FAIL.

anyway, all in all a good time. Get your lazy butt to a Summerstage concert before the summer be over.

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