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Latinamerican 60’s party (Revolucion!)

Fuzzanova at the Delancey margaritas, no cover / 10-11pm but don’t come during 10-11pm and hog all my margaritas mofos. come after when i’m done.

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networking (makes gun out of hand, points inside mouth, use other hand to motion brain explosion)

while at networking event, one man advises that I be networking while eating canapes someone advises that i be eating canapes sometimes i forget to breathe and then someone goes, you know what you need to do? breathe.

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happy fun time art happy happy

happy fun times art: Flowers Gallery, 529 West 20th Street New York NY 10011

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Tiger Full Moon Party

Did you see the Harvest Full Moon? Neither did I…stupid clouds in the way of a once in a lifetime celestial event booo. Go here. I will. I think

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Dandy underworld–Saturday

Been lazy on the posting..why? working minimum wage night shift…NOT Gangster. so here is a lazy post: Oh! You Pretty Things vodka, $12 cover with RSVP / 11pm-12am at Don Hill’s 511 Greenwich Street, at Spring Street. TriBeCa Dress code: … Continue reading

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Random video (aka, more distractions from job search)

Love Das Racist…hilarity

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sweet beatz

Pat’s picks this week: 1. Cours Lapin \”Cache Cache\” (French Pop) 2. Big Boi ft. Cutty “Shutterbug” 3.  She Sir \”Lemongrass\”

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